"Get Stuff Done with Ubuntu Mate" poster


Hi folks, here’s a poster i put together showcasing software available for Ubuntu Mate.

Made with Inkscape, PDF versions available here :slight_smile:

DropBox - UbuntuMATE


Ummm… All Linux distros have these apps. Maybe consider changing the poster to “Get stuff done with Linux”?


I think that is a really good idea, except for the fact that any Linux distribution can do that., However in the interest of advocating for Ubuntu MATE you could talk about how familiar the interface is for Windows and Mac users alike.

But yeah the “Getting stuff done” thing should really be a subheading of its own something along the lines of And it runs all of your favourite open-source applications! or similar. The intent is good, the execution is less than good.


Then you have to cut Google Chrome out.

Mickey :slight_smile:


The familiar interface is common across all Linux MATE distros, KDE distros, Budgie distros, GNOME + Dash to Panel distros etc etc


Oh no no I was talking about mate-tweak and the various panel options.


I agree. What makes UM unique is the various layouts that make users like Winows and Mac feel right at home, which are available through mate-tweak.:slight_smile:


Yeah, which are also available with Mageia, GhostBSD, Fedora with copr, Debian and on XFCE, in a slightly different way.

It`s also on Lumina, bt dub


Would you have any problem if I used this (and the others in your Dropbox folder linked here) for the install fest I’ll be doing come October?


I would scrap it and mock up your own in GIMP.


Sure, by all means… i’ll add some more. Let us know how it turns out!


I used Inkscape for a reason you know!

And this is the Ubuntu Mate forum, hence it says Ubuntu Mate at the top … and i am trying to promote the OS to people who have no idea what Linux and FOSS is.


I understand, and as an act of solidarity you can have some confetti;

Now for the crappy bit: Despite your best efforts, you are going to have some people here say that not teaching foundational information independent from this system is a bad move. In the short-term yes, it’s a fast and easy digest but it’s like feeding people simple carbs the body quickly burns through rather than more fulfilling complex carbs.

Teaching people how to use Ubuntu MATE is like teaching someone how to use Windows. At the onset, good, but some will argue people need more than that; understanding that Linux isn’t a system by itself: it’s a kernel, a lot of what makes “Linux” systems good is the GNU toolkit, which is why some will argue you need to emphasize it’s GNU / Linux and as Ubuntu MATE isn’t the only Linux under the sun and some will also argue you need to provide more options than this alone: especially as support cross-pollinates between forums. Mixed environments may occur with use and in the case of some special-purpose things like global equalizers, understanding how to use an older version of something which may work better may be a necessary part of giving someone the experience they desire.

tl;dr No matter what you do, it’ll never be enough and what you’re doing right now won’t be taken kindly by a select, vocal audience.