Getting Compton and Compiz options on Ubuntu Mate 20

I installed ubuntu mate 20 on my laptop yesterday. Prev I used 18.04. It seems compiz and compton options were removed from it because Marco is very stable now. But it is not the case for me.

I have an Intel iGPU and i used a method from this forum to fix it. (20.04 - Screen Tearing) and it caused more stuff to break. Like video players for an example. Putting that aside chromium seems to be buggy as well. When I minimize and maximize it window content disappears. I have to resize the window to get them back.

Is there a way to install Compiz and Marco(Compton) options in 20?. I prev used Marco(Compton) option and it worked without any issues in 18.04. Also Compiz worked just fine.

Compton seems to work just fine out of the box and it fixes all screen tearing issues. Installing compton adds that option to mate-tweak tool just like in 18.04.