Getting Rid of Windows Safely(UEFI)

Hi All,

New to the community here.
Loving MATE, loving it so much I’m trying to remove windows

Usually I’d just delete the windows 10 partition and be done with it then remove the entry from grub
but I’m not using legacy mode, I’m using UEFI

therefore, what should I do?
It’s windows 10. and gParted gives me those partitions:

dev/sda1 boot/efi
dev/sda2 microsoft reserved partition
dev/sda3 windows 10 (C:/)
dev/sda4 Windows RE Tools
dev/sda5 Ubuntu Mate
dev/sda6 linux swap

So how do I go about removing this guy? also I’m on an XPS 13 the 2015 model

I haven’t tested this, but I imagine the procedure would be the same:

  • Delete the old Windows partitions with GParted, but keep/format the Boot/EFI partition. 1
  • Use GParted again to expand the Ubuntu MATE partition to fill the beginning of the disk.
  • Re-install the GRUB bootloader in UEFI mode.

1 I believe the GRUB2 bootloader requires a small boot partition to install to.

Resizing disks and GRUB re-installation must be performed in a live session booted in UEFI obviously.

The instructions here should help with the GRUB EFI re-installation for a GPT drive:

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