Getting the Yaru MATE icons in other distros

I am a Fedora user, but I must say I am absolutely in love with how Ubuntu MATE looks. It's probably the most consistent, best looking, most coherent MATE distribution out there. It looks and behaves like a modern distro should.

At first, I thought part of this success was a byproduct of the excellent Yaru theme Ubuntu ships with, but I found, to my surprise, that Fedora's Yaru theme doesn't deliver the same consistency it does on Ubuntu MATE (despite having all the color variations and whatnot). Why is this? Because the system tray icons and the volume icon don't look so good at all. In Ubuntu they look consistent, their size is adequate, etc. In Fedora, though, the sizes are disproportionally large the volume icon seems to be missing altogether for the required size (see the attachments for reference).

Would it be possible to have a way to install these icons in other distros? If so, is there any guide somewhere?

Ubuntu MATE:

Fedora MATE (look at the shutdown button, the bluetooth button, the wifi and battery look too dark too):

What you're noticing are the Ayatana indicators that were introduced with Ubuntu 9.04, later removed in 17.10 with the switch to GNOME 3.

They're available for install in any Debian-based distro, but I don't believe Fedora has them.

More background information here:

There is an alternative; that is to find a theme that wasn't designed to accommodate custom notification icons. Some examples include TraditionalOK, Ceres, Equilux and Communitheme-Gray.

In themes designed for custom notification icons like Yaru/Ambiance (Ayatana) or Mint-Y (Xapp Status Icons), normal notification icons will appear distorted.

Of course, this is all my experience; YMMV.