Ghost-BSD and Gaming

I heard at least one person say that BSD was not for gaming.
What is your opinion on the subject?
Ghost BSD uses Mate desktop and I am not for sure what drivers are used for video cards.
I believe Nvidia drivers are available.

You give us no information about your set-up so how can we advise you?. :smiley:

What graphics, RAM, CPU do you have?, what games do you want to play?, do you have a Steam account?. :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply.
Sorry, I do not have a hardware list right now.
I was wondering why some one would say that BSD was not for gaming.
I will get more specs soon.
The 3 mother boards I do have are GA-78LMT-S2P, GA-MA74GM-S2H, XA990-GD55.
The hp I have, I will have the get the model number later. I have ran GhostBSD on it before.

My guess would be that since this is UNIX based, you need to look for unix games.

I did find this a while back.
I wonder if Unreal Tournament 4 or Doom (4 or 2016) will play well on it.
I did hear that there is a Linux compatibility function in BSD. I heard that it can run Linux software well.
Outside of a Native port Wine is the next item on the list.

BSD is generally not as well stocked with peripheral drivers, from everything I have read. I would think this will include things like GPU hardware acceleration etc.

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I have noticed that there is a list of drivers for Nvidia and FreeBSD. I am not for sure if they are well suited for gaming.

Why settle for Mate/BSD when you can have Ubuntu Mate and maybe more important, the support of the ubuntu mate community?

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Uh, I am a geek. :smiley:
I do not plan to drop UMate any time soon.

I was asking about BSD Mate.

Sorry, I guess I am just curios about the performance of it.
I tried to get into BSD a long time a go and was not impressed by it Desktop.
This was about 2000 I guess. Sure, it has improved a bunch since.

Hi @cinema2k,

copy and paste the following command in a terminal and then we can see what hardware you have:


Paste the list back here, I also have an Nvidia graphics card and 4GB RAM with a AMD Athlon™ II X3 425 Processor × 3 CPU, this is adequate for most but not all games!. :smiley:

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I plan to rearrange my room this afternoon so I can hook up my 19 inch Vizio to my machine. It has 1080p resolution. I hope to buy some more hdd for testing out distributions. Unreal Tournament 4 is what I am looking to run. I have a Phenom II X555 that will open up from dual core to quad. My pci-e bus 2.0. I do not remember what the 990xa has. I think it is a 2.0 as well. 8 core capable on both boards. I need some more hardware.

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With what you posted above, I really don’t think you will have any problem playing games on any Linux OS, the only question is, which would work best for you.

Take a look here which might give you some indication of what to expect:

For Steam related games:

I hope it helps. :smiley:

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I know it may not actually tell me a whole lot about performance, I downloaded a 1080p video to see how UT4 would look on my 1080p tv.
It looks good and I believe the actual effect will be different while playing the game.

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I played a 4K video and my cpu with 3/4 cores ran at about 50 %.