Global menu not working properly

I love Cupertino desktop layout but that does not work perfectly.
Please help me brother or sister, I've weakness in Ubuntu Mate and this Cupertino interface.
I feel like mac iOS desktop but I love Ubuntu open source.

Watch this:

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I use CUPERTINO desktop layout.
I notice global menu does not work perfectly.
Some software's menu bar setup on own bar.
I want menu bar works to global menu.

NB. Some Apps like Google Chrome, Brave Web Browser, VS Code, Intellij Idea IDE, VLC player, SM Player and LibreOffice work well global menu.
But all sofwares do not work global menu, here global menu show just app name.

Global menu is not our fault and we can't do anything about it, ask the application developers to use standard menus so that global menu may read it. Actual OSX does the same thing... but gives you a file>quit menu when the app dosen't provide a menu

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Notice these two screen short.
First photos' global menu work perfectly but second photo not.
I hope to understand my problem. Okay.

It's the problem of the app. Try a different terminal, such as xfce4-terminal or konsole...

I've seen a similar topic before:

It's true that some applications do not integrate well with the global menu. MATE Terminal should work, for example:

There's probably something missing or broken in your installation if GTK3 (and MATE) apps don't work. Try re-installing these packages, in case one is missing:

sudo apt install --reinstall appmenu-gtk-module-common appmenu-gtk2-module appmenu-gtk3-module appmenu-qt

The magic happens in :desktop: MATE Tweak, so if you don't mind losing your customisations - I'd suggest changing the panel to a non global menu like Traditional, then back to Cupertino so all the settings are correctly set.

I have the same issue with the global menu (Mate 18.04 LTS) and the "fresh" change to Cupertino in MATE Tweak is not resolving the problem.

I loose the Global Menu on some applications (like VS Code) and get the message if I want to reload it. Once reloaded, it works fine.

Is this still an issue with Mate 20.04?

Welcome, @azra, to the Ubuntu MATE Community! :ubuntu_mate:

This problem sounds semi-unrelated to the topic discussed above. It sounds like Visual Studio Code somehow causes the Global Menu to crash. It looks uncannily similar to this bug:

I'd suggest you report there that you've encountered a similar problem and describe the situation there, and hopefully we can work it out.