Gnome-keyring notification icon missing

I distinctly remember that when using ssh with key authentication a key-shaped notification icon used to appear on the panel once I had unlocked the key with its passphrase.
Recently I noticed this icon is no longer shown. Does anyone know how to get it back?

Btw. this happens even with a fresh user profile.

Edit: then again, maybe I mis-remember this. I just tried a fresh 16.04.1 and even 16.04 install in a VM and the icon does not appear there either (not installed any updates, just ran sudo apt install ssh. Maybe it’s not related to ssh or gnome-keyring after all…
If anyone knows what other application might put a white key icon in the notification area, I’m all ears.

Can it be that you are confusing it with the privilege escalation notification icon when you use gksudo on some applications (for instance when installing from the Software Boutique, or performing updates at the Software Updater? It’s a key-shaped icon.

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Yes, that’s it. Thanks a lot and sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile: