Gnome Tweak Tool & Gnome Shell Extension not working



Gnome Tweak Tool is not working. When I install it via the terminal, it shows up nowhere afterwards. I did find it once in the software centre and installed it from there, but it wouldn’t work. The changes I made on the app wouldn’t apply. The shell extension does not work either. I add it to Chrome but the following message shows up on the website : “Unable to locate GNOME Shell settings or version. Make sure it is installed and running.”. How can I fix the problem? Are there any alternatives to change the desktop theme? (Had the same problem with Unity Tweak Tool btw)


Gnome Tweak and Gnome Shell Extension are apps that only work with the Gnome desktop, not the MATE desktop. Based on the PowerPC tag, I’m guessing you don’t have vanilla Ubuntu with Gnome. If you go to Settings > Appearance, you can change the desktop theme.