Gnu Grub screen assistance

I'm running Ubuntu MATE 20.04, I installed various software packages along with running updates, and when I restarted my system the first thing that comes up (after POST) is the Gnu-Grub screen, which shows me different options. It defaults correctly to ubuntu, so if I do nothing MATE does start, but this screen didn't come up before.

So, why is it now?

Is there any way of getting rid of it?

If I can't, can I set the timer on it so it starts up into MATE faster than what it is?

Hi David,
Grub is very necessary not only for drive entries, also for recovery options and running previous kernel versions. So I'd tell you forget skip it going directly to Ubuntu. Now you can edit etc/default/grub and change grub_timeout to 2 or 3 seconds. Next reboot. If you type 0, the jump is automathic, and if you want to get in grub, must type shift key and space bar. Some models, specially 32bit do not admit shift, so do not recommend avoid Grub.

I knew Grub is like a boot loader so I had no intention of trying to get rid of it. My issue was if this has happened to others after running updates, because a fresh install of Ubuntu MATE sets Grub to where you never see it during the boot process. And I never saw it before when running 19.10

So I was curious as to why this would happen.

The other issue was indeed editing it so I can shorten the time the screen is shown so Ubuntu comes up faster.

I'll do the edit and hopefully that fixes everything. Thanks.