Google 3D View in Firefox

When using google maps in Firefox 83.0 running on 18.04 LTS, 3D view is not available.

What I've checked:
Latest version of FF, 83.0
Hardware acceleration is turned on
webgl.disabled is set to false in about:config
webgl.force-enable is set to true in about:config
Cleared cookies and cache
Restarted FF
Restarted computer
Checked on two other computers, both Win10. 3D view works in FF, latest version
3D view does work in Brave Browser. So from that, I'm guessing that video drivers aren't the issue.
Started VM with FF 74.x and 3D view worked. Upgraded FF in VM to 83.0, changed webgl setting in config and 3D view does not work now.

Any ideas? Are there more webgl settings that need to be enabled or is this a FF issue?


hmmmm, so no one else is seeing this issue? Where else should I look?

Hi Subrag,
In these instances, if you don't want to update UM20.04 yet and see, you fix the problems by disabling hardware acceleration and WebGL. Must follow this instructions from mozilla support, specially in " I still have problems with my graphics card in Firefox" :


Ok, that makes sense now that you put it that way. Thanks for pointing that out.