Google Noto Sans Font

After seeing that Linux Mint ships with this font, I decided to try it out in UM. It's actually very nice and from what I can tell robust in the sense that it's available for all languages. Preview the character set if you like.

You can download it manually on Google's web site or use TypeCatcher to install it.

sudo apt-get install typecatcher



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thanks, I hadn't come across TypeCatcher before, great tip and a lovely typeface.


Thanks, I considered putting it there but since it wasn’t specific to UM I went with General.

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Noto Sans doesn’t seem to play nice with terminal. Everything else is working along with this font. But texts overlap and make unnecessary spacings in terminal windows. How to fix this problem? How did you solve this problem?

You need to use a mono spaced font in terminal. In Appearances just leave fixed width font on Ubuntu Mono.

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This solved the problem. Thanks. :smile:


Ooohhh, Typecatcher is an amazing tool. Awesome!

For anyone who’s made it this far in the thread without installing it, I suggest you do. It gives you a list of all the Google Fonts (you can search by name) and one-click installation locally. That is brilliant.


Great tips. Noto Sans is much easier for me to read. Much appreciated. :grinning:

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