Google remote desktop in Ubuntu Mate 22.04

Hello world, I use Google remote desktop since year with ubuntu Mate with no problems at all... until yesterday, when I install Mate 22 and Mate 21 in two computers and in both, after install the package, the installation of Google remote desktop not return to Chrome to continue with the name of the computer.
Please, can anyone tell me how to see which is the problem and fix it?
I don't understand about programmatic :frowning:
Thanks in advance,

following Cuando se instala chrome remote desktop me sale el error "Se produjo un error desconocido" - Comunidad de Google Chrome
after Ctrl+Shift+J I get this error:
extesionerror no such native application
this.port.get (...) is undefined
Please, HELP¡¡¡

I looked around the Internet and found this guide:

Essentially, it says that only the "headless" setup seems to work now: For some reason, I can't access the headless setup link myself, but maybe you can (hopefully you can!).

Thanks very much, I try :slight_smile: THanks

works¡¡¡¡ thanks VERY VERY much. and have a sunny day too :slight_smile: Asis