GPD Pocket 1 & 2: Ubuntu MATE 18.10

Yeah, something must have gone wrong with my last install. Won’t boot.

Looks like I’m installing the OS again =]

Ouch! Was it an install of the Ubuntu-mate that GPD links to from their support page?

Got my pocket 2, came installed with mate 18.10 and I reinstalled it with mate 18.10 again to get FDE.

FDE gave problems after doing 'apt upgrade', as it removed cryptsetup and what not but that's I got that working again.

What I have now that sometimes after suspend or after disconnecting and external screen, the screen wil go black and not respond. once I got it back with ctrl-alt-f2 and ctrl-alt-f7 but last time I needed the close the lid open it and then do that. It seems kinda iffy like it's suspending for no reason.

Not sure this is the right place for this or not but I've been a fan of these devices since I first heard of them and their supposed Linux compatibility. Seeing my preferred distro is building images for them was some of the best news I've heard in a year. As someone who really misses their eeepc, this seemed like a no-brainer purchase for me but I'm seeing a lot of posts saying the hardware support isn't as good as it should be.

Should I try looking for something else? I really don't want to be stuck with Windows or feel like a second class citizen in operating system support. Are the hardware issues as bad as they sound? Are we always going to have slowness issues due to screen rotation and so on?

I'd love to hear from people who actually own a Pocket and are actually using them in Ubuntu-Mate!

I would like to ask if the idea of creating an image of ubuntu mate 18.04 is still existing? That would cool, especially when the usb-c video output would work.

Has anybody news?

@joe1 Did you see this? :wink:

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Thank you very much. I highly appreciate that.

Not sure whether to post here or start a new thread. Anyway...

Installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on a Pocket 2 last week, and it's mostly working great except for two things:

  1. Text boxes for application logins work but don't activate. E.g., opening Steam. the account login box appears, but clicking in the username or password field doesn't activate a cursor, and typing produces no text, but typing blind works to input the data. This appears to happen with all applications that ask for a login.

  2. All browsers other than Firefox (Chrome, Brave) freeze in a loop of rapidly flicking between normal and a colour-inverted display.

Any diagnoses?

Hi, I have a GPD Pocket 2 and run Ubuntu MATE 19.10 on it.

Everything works well on it except:

  1. cloud storage (DropBox, pCloud)
  2. Stacer
  3. Nomacs

I wish I could find a solution to fix the DropBox problem.

My repeated questions regarding the DropBox problem are being ignored.

I am not sure where else I could look for help.