GPD Pocket 2 - frequent system error

I have installed Ubuntu MATE 19.10 on GPD Pocket 2.
Everything works well except of the frequent system error that does not crash the system.
The system says that it experienced an error and the Whisker menu needs to restart. I still can continue working.
Any ideas or fixes?

Can you take a screen shot of the error you are receiving?

The Whisker Menu is part of Xfce and not MATE.

H, franksmcb,

I tried to attach two screenshots but the forum does not allow new users to attach more than one picture.

I will post the second screenshot in a separate post.

Is the second screenshot saying that the problem is caused by the Evolution.

I am having this error each time I start the system.

I always click to send the report, and the system works with no problem afterwards.

I do not remember what else triggers the same problem while I use the system.

Still a bit confused about the Whisker Menu part.

However, crash files are stored and sometimes do not get cleared automatically after submitting the report. You will see such a pop-up on reboot as it sees the crash files.

“System program problem detected” Pop-up not going away
Delete files here: /var/crash
sudo rm /var/crash/*

Try that and reboot and see if that takes care of the persistent report.

Hi, please ignore the Wisker Menu - I might be wrong with that reference.

Last day, I have not seen those crash reports.

Thank you,