GPD Pocket image with GPDWin1


really nice to see good support for the GPD line of devices, but a bit of a pity that the GPDWin1 isn't among the supported devices.

I have been running Ubuntu for quite some time on my GPDWin1... really nice for Steam games :slight_smile:

In general the GPDWin1 is hardware wise really close to the GPD-Pocket, so Linux Kernels etc. generally work interchangeably.

So I tried to live boot the latest the GPD-Pocket 19.10 image on my GPDWin1. In general it works great, almost everything is working out of the box.

The only issues I found are:

  1. With the internal micro SD card reader, SD cards are not recognized if they are larger than 8GB. This is a long standing issue with Linux on the GPD Win1 and there is a Kernel patch to make it work. I currently run this GPD-Pocket 4.17.1 Kernel on my GPDWin1 and it is working with a 128GB SD-card:

  2. The touch-screen isn't working. This seems to be a regression in the Kernel or Ubuntu, as initially it was working fine when I first installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my GPDWin1. But I think at some point (not sure exactly when) a (Kernel?) update broke it, and since then no more touch-screen support. Might be a hardware issue on my device though?

Would be super cool if at least the SD-card issue could be fixed in the GPD-Pocket image and maybe the GPDWin1 could be added to the list of supported devices?

Edit: This kernel also seems to have the specific changes for the SD-card reader to work properly:

This seems to be the specific fix needed for building the Kernel with larger SD card support: