Gpu Over Heating. Was Not in Windows Vista

Hello everyone,

I am fixing an old PC for fun, so far it is running fine, with the exception that the GPU slowly over heats. I was getting random blacks while updating and moving around mate, so i decided to check temps. as it turns out, the GPU will temp slowly rise( if i am on youtube, it overheats quick etc) till it turns off the display!. I tested the PC on vista before changing to Ubuntu zmate, i even played a few games. the system did not over heat on vista.




GPU over heating. it was fine while running vista. is there an app to control and throttle clock speeds? i was using zotac firestorm on vista.

I would like to use Nvidia drivers, how can i do this? i am new to linux, and i dont know how. I see under “addition drivers” i can use a radial button to select different things, but not sure what they are

System Specs

AMD Athlon 64 3500
Nvidia GTx 440 Zotac Amp Edition
350watt psu
350gb hdd
3 gigs ram

I suggest you to find latest nVidia drivers for your GPU, and then find a tutorial on how to install them. Overheating may be caused by an old or faulty driver.

i figured as much. i cant seem to find a good tutorial on google haha ;(.

Under Additional Drivers (System → Preferences → Hardware) - You should see a screen similar to this:

Usually, the first option reads something along the lines of:

Using NVIDIA binary driver - version xxxxx from nvidia-xxx (proprietary)

This is the NVIDIA binary driver packaged by Ubuntu. There may be multiple, such as nvidia-xxx-updates which may have a newer driver. This provides 3D acceleration and manage your GPU temperature more efficiently than the open source driver.

If it's an older card, it will read NVIDIA legacy binary driver.

Also in the screenshot, you'll see there are two more options (ignore the fact they say open source) -- these contain newer drivers for newer cards. To use these, the Ubuntu NVIDIA drivers PPA needs to be installed:

Type these commands in a terminal (CTRL+ALT+T):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update

i tried selecting the driver from “additional driver” , but after clicking apply changes the progress bar hanges or freezes about 25%…its ben that way for 20 mins( i am extremly slow internet)

I think the download is under 70 MB. The first 50% downloads, the other 50% installs. You could check the System Monitor to see if the download has given up.

Thanks guys!! i got it to work!! The “Additional Drivers” window was not working, so i just used the teminal " sudo apt-get install"… i was getting a weird error, so i thought i didnt have the option to use the apt-get…turns out all i needed to do was remove a reference(?) to a CD? ( i was getting "Media changed, please insert Ubuntu CD)…after fixing that issue, it works now… :slight_smile: no more overheating.