Graphical Boot Screen on Raspberry

I can't find a way to activate the graphical boot screen.

On Raspberry Pi 4 I installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and added the Mate desktop. I got the text screen from ubuntu
On On Raspberry Pi 3 I Installed the Mate 18.04 version. Everything looks great. But after the update I got a boot screen filled with text messages.
As far as I see it grub is not used in the booting process.
So where can I find the switch to overlay this awful text messages with the graphical boot screen?

Please help. I've invested over 5 hours in google search and can't find anything helpful.

Hi gudehus,

according to the link below, you should be able to adjust it using "raspi-config" (at least in Ubuntu MATE 16.04):

"Sometimes graphical boot loaders can prevent loading graphical login screen; on Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2, you can enable/disable graphical boot loader in raspi-config."

I have no idea about Raspi so cannot really help you further. I hope it helps nonetheless. :grinning:

When adding Mate to the Ubuntu 20.04 for pi4 I found that installing Mate didn't get me the gui, but then adding mate environment did.

Gave me a hint. But fiddling with boot/config and cmdline.txt didn't change anything. Still the endless boot texts.

I installed mate with tasksel and it runs fine. But I can't get the boot screen animation to show up.
Under Mate 18.04 for Raspberry the animation showed up fine but after updating everything I only see the boot messages.

I'm afraid I made a mistake in my last post - I modified Ubuntu Server 19.04, not 20.04.
Trying to do the same with 20.04 yesterday, I didn't end with the proper desktop environment.