Graphical vs. Textual decrypt issue on boot

Hullo All,

I’m looking for assistance in a workaround for a problem that I have running on i386 - I’ve encrypted my disk ( which works fine ) but upon boot I get a graphical decrypt password prompt - this doesn’t work ( nothing seems to get entered into the box, and pressing return results in nothing happening ). If I then Ctrl-Alt-Delete, it bounces through the GRUB boot loader selection screen ( vs. auto boot ? ) - and then I get a textual decrypt prompt - which does work. This means that I have to effectively boot twice each time I start the laptop …

I’m considering it might be used as a security feature to deter the uninitiated :wink: but more I’m hoping that someone can either (a) give me a fix so that the graphical login works or (b) tell me how I can force the textual login at boot time so I don’t have to go through the Windows three finger salute to log in …

Many thanks in advance community !


Small steps - update:

I now know how to force it to boot in text mode - if you edit the /etc/default/grub file and un-comment the line:


This theoretically disables the graphical terminal ( according to the comment ).

This sort of works as it now does appear to boot into the text mode, but only after the error message:

error: no video mode activated

Part of the way there, but there is now a delay with this error message, rather than just jumping onto the decrypt screen …

Ah, known bug apparently:

Workarounds seem to prevent issue.