Great distro - some ideas


Thank you for this great distro!

I have recently installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 and i'm really happy.

Since this section is called Thoughts & Feedback, i would consider the following:

  1. The audio volume indicator on the panel: in my previous distro, lubuntu, pressing the middle mouse button was enought to mute it. I think it would be nice.

  2. Terminal default config: ubuntu 18.04 non mate has a nicer prompt imho. i don't think it will waste that much resources, but i think it could be a good improvement.

  3. themes and panel. I'm currently using redmond theme, with only a lower panel. If i make it tiny (24 pixel) some icons and notification are clipped on the lower and higher part.

  4. cosmetical... some icons on the panel are bigger than others.

  5. i have tried the live on a Lenovo L380. This is a Linux general problem, but imho the trackpad is too fast. Windows (yes...) allows to choose a much lower speed. I think sometimes it could be nice.

  6. Again, congratulations to all the developers and keep up the great work!


Great thoughts. Agreed