Green and white MATE Menu icon

I fixed the icon by copying to my theme, but I want to have the green MATE icon. I assume it will need to be the same name start-here-symbolic.svg - Where can I source this coloured icon? It has to be .svg, right? Cause a .png doesn't display. I I searched for one locally but can't find anything other than some weird icons and one that I am using in black and white. From that I assume its not in the MATE files, or it goes by a different name. Your time is appreciated!

Hi @mickee,

I assume you are using default menu applet - Brisk menu. According to its source code (line 140), the icon name indeed is start-here-symbolic.
The applet displays PNGs as well, but the quality of PNG rendering is poor. For example, I tested the [Yaru-MATE-light/22x22/places/start-here.png] icon. If the applet does not update the icon, try running gtk-update-icon-cache <path to your icon theme> command to update the .cache file of your theme.
You can get the coloured SVGs from former default icon themes - Ambiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE [link]. In my test, however, the gray circle is rendered instead of colorful SVG.

Hope this helps.

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awesome! Thank you @ironfoot - Just what I was looking for!