Green icons for desktop and computer

Ubuntu MATE has a green themed icon set based on Humanity called Ambiant-MATE and Radiant-MATE, used by default. Aren't we missing a MATE-ified desktop and computer? The desktop looks more green then purple, which springs the Unity "Ubuntu" desktop to mind.

What if these:


(Based on Ubuntu MATE's primary colour)

Can't forget this little button on the bottom-left panel:

It's a pretty subtle change, but I feel it properly represents Ubuntu MATE's desktop. Do you agree?

:hand: I propose these greener icons for 16.04 in this bug report.

:package: I have re-coloured them, in which you can fetch the archive from here and extract them to either:

  • ~/.icons/Ambiant-MATE/ to test them to your profile only.
  • Or: /usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/ for system-wide (requires sudo)

Thanks for listening.


@lah7 Thanks, I’m updating the artwork package today and I’ll include these.


Oh no! For some reason, the 24 sized computer icon is overriding the 48 one when "Computer" is checked in MATE Tweak... :open_mouth:

New set:


I'm confused... the dimensions are definitely correct. :confused:

Sorry to be inconvenient (I see it's ready to be updated), I just discovered there were a couple more traces of purple that can be recoloured. :expressionless:

  • preferences-system-network
  • preferences-desktop

I've attached them to the bug report, traces of purple remained on the System menu. :mag:

Another caveat found:

(I guess I'm misunderstanding something how icon inheritance works...?)