Grub Customizer for Mate?

Hi. I’ve recently wanted to install Remix OS system on Ubuntu MATE (dual-boot), but, I need to create new entry in GRUB. Is there any Grub Customizer for MATE? :confused: Also, when I hit shift immediately after the startup screen, “GRUB loading” briefly appears, then I get a blank screen, and then the normal boot starts. :neutral_face:

Yes there is.

Grub Customizer - A graphical Grub2/BURG configuration application

How does it work these days, ok? I used it years ago on oneiric but then it got fancier and didn’t work as well, and i was short on patience. :slight_smile:

Grub Customizer still works to this day. I tend to install it on systems that dual boot and I’d like to edit GRUB’s configuration graphically.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt update
sudo apt install grub-customizer

This tool can edit timeout options, appearance, modify the list of entries, and you’ll be able to (manually) add one for Remix OS (Android x86).

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I like it.

I use it’s advanced functions because I like to change out my grub background frequently.

LOL, it’s nice to see folks liking to change their grub background frequently… i’m satisfied to see it work at all. :slight_smile:

The only bad thing is you can only use 16 bit color images, so they look grainy.