Gtapecalc Grief

THE best open source calculator I've ever seen for my home user needs was a simple little program called Gtapecalc. It won't run anymore for several years due to abandonment by the developer. It was a beautiful example of simple function; a calculator for the average Joe who is not interested in mega-Ph.D mathematics.

What made it different? It created a calculator tape like the one that the old desktop calculators used to do. And it printed the tape. I often wonder why it is that not a single LInux open source GUI calculator I know of includes a print function, much less with a running tape option. Yeah, there's tapecalc via CLI, but what good is that to the average guy? What's up with that no printing thing?

Does no one do taxes anymore and need to print out a column of numbers to attach to records? And a zillion other similar functions. I am using a Chrome app now (and that does not leave a good taste in my mouth), but it's only a partial solution. It pales next the the mighty Gtapecalc.

My wish is that someone would look into it and update it. It would fill a big void in the LInux app sphere. It'd be a great Mate app!