GTK File chooser window doesn't match dark theme

I am running a dark theme MC-OS-Mojave all is dark theme except for the GTK File chooser window which is light. I am putting a screenshot for clarity as to what I am referring to, but that its not from my system. Is there a way to make that dark as well? It's the only light part of my otherwise complete dark them. Note: Yaru dark makes that window dark, I am hoping just to find out what I am missing here.

Is this screen's css in my custom theme folder (.themes in /home) or in the file system themes folder. Reason I ask is that in all of my web browsers tested, Chrome, Firefox, Brave this file chooser (save as as well as browse to upload) is white when all other parts of the theme are dark. I am not at all (as in none) experienced in editing a css sheet. If its a matter of finding the properties of the file chooser window in a section of css, and I can find the colour currently, I should be able to change the colour to a dark one.

Note I filed this under raspberry pi when is just MATE, sorry about that.

Using my laptop w/ same theme the File chooser window matches the dark theme. I will redownload the them on my desktop to see if that fixes it.

works just fine on my laptop not on home PC, same themes but different hardware.

Edit: It started working on my home PC now. Just changed theme to Yaru blue-dark then back to Mojave dark and voila! Works!