Guest Session On by Default

I've been meaning to ask for quite a long time now.
But why is Guest Session Enabled by default on a clean installation of Ubuntu Mate? (22.10 for example) it would probably be a better idea to have a tickbox during setup to enable it or enabling it through settings post-install? even though the guest session is stripped down i worry that it could be a potential security hole and that it should not be enabled by default.

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I agree that the "guest" account should be something the individual user sets up if they desire, not auto enabled.

This has actually led to a bit of confusion recently for me on this latest install of Mate (MATE 1.26.0).

Being inclined to discover new things I decided to install as the "OEM" version and see if it operated smoother than other installations I have done. I noticed during the process though that as an OEM you are given the opportunity to encrypt the disk the OS is installed on through the set-up and initialization of the OEM account.

Once completed and the "prepare for shipping to end user" displayed I set up a user account with just a UN and password. Every time I boot up the system though the first thing it wants is the OEM encrypted disk password, which it seems the end user the device is shipped too wouldn't have access too?

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I agree, the user must be told that the guest user account is enabled by default, and act consequently.

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