Handy List of Basic Commands


I just saw this in another forum but found it to be a very useful little list for getting information when requesting help troubleshooting.

ls (list directory contents)

cat (concatenate files and print on the standard output)

id (print real and effective user and group IDs)

uname -a (print system information)

lsb_release -a (print distribution-specific information)

ifconfig (configure a network interface)

route -n (show/manipulate the IP routing table)

cat /etc/resolv.conf (displays the DNS information)

cat /etc/network/interfaces (displays the network interface configuration)

cat /etc/hosts (static values for hostname lookups)

lspci (list all PCI devices)

lsusb (list USB devices)

dmesg (print or control the kernel ring buffer)

lsmod (show the status of modules in the Linux kernel)

ls -lisart /var/log (the location of the actual logfiles)



Adding ;

ls -alh

The h is really useful, - it makes file sizes human-readable, ie kb, mb etc. :slight_smile:


maybe add more ( or less ) to view output one page at a time.


great! thanks a lot for the command list


Would be great to have as a wiki. Could be made to be more comprehensive and immensely beneficial for new users.

Yeah there are resources abound but having them here would be nice.