Hardware button for wifi turns on/off bluetooth

Hello, I’m running Ubuntu Mate 16.04 as my second OS next to Win 7 on my laptop HP Probook 640 G1. I have no wifi connection and my hardware button for wifi now controls bluetooth in Ubuntu. In Win 7 everything works normal.

Any help please?

Hi @dule3000,

if you don’t need bluetooth; have you checked in BIOS as to whether or not you can disable it?. Is this the first time using Linux that you have this problem?.

Have you done a full system update?:

I need bluetooth sometimes, I want full functionality of my hardware. The problem was that Ubuntu Mate didn't recognize Broadcom driver as trusted so it was disabled in "additional drivers", so I have to enable it manually. It looked like this:

After that wifi works fine and hardware button controls wifi again, bluetooth works fine too.

There was one more driver listed as disabled but there was no information what's it for so I left it disabled.

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Great, please mark as solved so it helps otheres with the same problem!. :thumbsup:

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