Hardware compatibility Asus N550JK

Hello I have an Asus N550JK with a samsung 840 evo ssd as well as the 1TB hard-drive in a caddy. Yesterday I tried to boot ubuntu mate 15.04 and it refused to pass the ubuntu mate loading logo so I’ve search and I’ve found nothing about it. Can someone please tell me why is it refusing to boot and give me some kind of workaround? I’ve created the bootable flashdrive using Universal-USB-Installer- and I’ve disabled fastboot and safeboot.
Thanks in advance!


is your PC suffering from UEFI?.


Did you follow this advice?:

Hi!! :wink: Thanks for your answer, I can boot to the menu "Try ubuntu without install, install ubuntu and etc… when I choose try ubuntu it shows the ubuntu mate logo with the green and grey little balls loading but it doesn’t boot the interface.
I’m using a flash drive.


when you are at the boot menu of the Live disk, press F6 and try booting with the option "noapci". :smiley:

Did you use Unetbootin and fully format the USb stick to FAT32?: