Hardware Raid 0

Hi, i just have one last question to ask about mate 20.04.3
Can you setup a hardware Raid 0 (asus mobo) on mate or any linux distro?
This is the absolute last question I have to ask because if I cannot do that I will bury Linux forever and never touch it again.

Thank You,

By definition hardware raid is implemented in hardware and one does not need to setup it from within (any) OS. Next to it, OS is completely unaware of underlying hardware raid. Usually hardware raid is configured in BIOS.

Well, there are half-baked solutions which are only partly implemented in hardware. They require installation of some vendor-specific drivers and software.

In Linux one can relatively easy configure software raid. By the way, Ubuntu allows to configure raid during initial OS setup




Hi Gene and thank you for answering. I have been a computer technician since 1992 and have found software Raids failures to be about 200% above hardware Raids.

Thanks again,