Has anyone successfully run Mate 64 bit on a Pi3B?

Every time I try to run Mate on my Pi3B it bogs down and just impossible to use. Anyone actually got this working and how?

it's not supposed to run correctly due to the lack of ram, especially using the 64 bit variant.
Don't expect it to be your daily driver.

Thank you for that info. What would you reccomend?

Trying the 32-bit variant should help.
Still, it will never be a 4B.

OK, thank you, I love it on my 4B, so I wanted it on my 3B. Not sure where to go from here. I will try the 32 bit version.

The best UbMate I had on a 3b was 18.10, but I don't remember the files I used to get it - might have beeb Ubuntu with Mate added after. this gave a working setup without being bogged down.

I guess I am stuck with Raspbian and Cairo Dock. I don't understand why Mate website says good for 3B.

Try using the PINN installer and install Ubuntu 16. Then you can upgrade to 18 then 20, whatever version you want. It works fine on the 3B.

OK found it, I never heard of it before. I am installing now. Do I update using the apt full-upgrade command?

sudo su && apt update && apt upgrade && apt dist-upgrade

Basically, PINN is an advanced version of the NOOBS installer, with many more OSs to choose from. Ubuntu MATE is one of them, there are two options to install (for me, in the United States). There are versions 16.04 Xenial LTS and 20.10 Groovy Gorilla. I tried to install 20.10 but it won't boot for some reason. 16.04 works, but you can't upgrade the distro for some damn reason.

I installed 16.04 and it won't fit my full screen. I tried to go to Display but it will not allow change. In Raspbian you could turn off over scan but I can't find it here. Any ideas?
I tried also to update to 18.04 but kept saying I need more memory. I am using a new 128gb card and it shows mostly empty. I tried the remove commands but still will not install. I am now trying 20.04 PINN, but I am sure it won't install.

If you're running ubuntu on the pi, type sudo raspi-config.
Go to Advanced Options > Overscan

I just did that, and waiting to see how it works out.

Hi, Sparks.

I got 64-bit Ubuntu-MATE 20.04.1 running on a 4GiB Pinebook Pro by installing the "ubuntu-mate=desktop" under 64-bit Armbian and removing the "armbian-focal-desktop". Unfortunately, Armbian doesn't currently support the RPi, but maybe you could try a similar approach in Raspbian?



Instead of PINN, you can download Ubuntu MATE images here:

These are older versions, and I strongly recommend you do not flash the SD card with 20.04. It will not boot.

Instead, flash with 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) and then upgrade through that.