Help installing wifi drivers


I am having a hard time installing my WiFi drivers onto my system. I am currently dual booted with Ubuntu MATE and Windows 8.1. I have no access to an ethernet cable, so I have to download every thing of my windows hard drive and move it over to the linux machine. I have already downloaded my wifi driver and when I go to install it I get this error:
make[1]: *** No rule to make target ‘modules’. Stop.

After some research people say I need some sort of linux header, but I need to know where to get it so I can download it to my windows and move it over. Also, the commands to install the header would be nice too! Thanks for reading.

Hi @Krouzu,

please paste the following command in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and post the results back here so we can see what hardware you have:


It doesn’t see the WiFi card, but it’s a Realtek RTL8811AU Wireless LAN 802.11ac USB 2.0 Network Adapter. I used to use Ubuntu GNOME, but that was too slow for me and the rtl8812au drivers worked for it, while using RTL8811AU.

Hi @Krouzu,

take a look here:

I cannot check the site as I am on a private school server and it is not allowed to look at Linux websites!. :frowning: