Help Wanted: Creating/Testing an Ubuntu MATE Git/GitHub tutorial

Hello, everyone!

It's fair to say that Git and GitHub have high learning curves. During our Documentation stream and meetup today, we chatted about creating a tutorial to help anyone who wants to contribute to the website or any other repository, whether they use the GitHub web interface, a GUI like GitKraken, or the good old command line. If you're especially skilled at Git or tutorial making, want to test tutorials for clarity and usability, or just want to learn more about Documentation or version control, just reply here!

Imagining this will be about a 1-2 monthish project, done mostly asynchronously and occasionally through voice chat in Discord. If you're interested, or have ideas (know of a great tutorial, have a suggestion, etc.), please reply below!


Hi there,

I'm interested in the project of a Git tutorial!

Here's what I bring to the table, for better and worse:

Age 50, mostly retired, living in Canada, good internet backbone and free time galore.

Took a course in Full Stack Development at Code-Academy or Codemy (need to double check that) in Bangkok using Ruby on Rails, where developing our own App was the final project.

We had to use git to complete the project and that was 7 years ago. I haven't used Git since so I'm way outdated on the interface and functionality but at least I understand it's a repository of code for the most part which can be shared and collaborated on by individuals, and teams.

My interest in Linux goes back 25 years, since Red Hat 5.1, but I'm still in my infancy of knowledge compared to the Gurus, so this might be a good project for me.

As for tutorials or videos, I've only done a few basic music videos of me playing guitar. I haven't done a How-To with computers but I think with good FOSS, my background as an ESL teacher overcomes any shyness and would lead me to produce a good video tutorial on Git and Git Hub.

I'd like to get involved! Please contact me if you would like to discuss further. I'm just a newbie in the community, but want to dig right in!

Thank you

Jason Ducharme
Collingwood, ON

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