Help with a Canon video camera

I could use some help with my Canon Vixia HFR700 video camera.

I took some video of a dog trying to attack me.

The animal control officer needs that video in order to issue a citation.

I have no card reader.

Is there any other way to send that video to either to my smart phone or home computer system?

I looked at all the cables that the camera came with but nothing would allow transfer of files.

plug in a cable from the camera (micro usb) to your pc (usb). Press PLAY on the camera to play the video, check that the pc connects to the camera and then you can d/l the video or photos.

Found in YT, I searched for "canon vixia hf r 700 transfer video"



I do not have micro usb cable. I even checked my camera bag which has a Nikon D3100.

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My 2 cents
If you don't find the right cable, go to the offices of the "animal control office" with the mem card - they may have a computer that can read it.
Just saying


Thanks for giving me more to think about.

---------------Just thinking..--------------------

In the old days, a person's word was worth something.

I found a city ordinance showing that an animal control officer has a duty to impound a dangerous animal. (dog etc.)

The officer I spoke with was very carefree about animals who attack humans.

(I spoke with another neighbor was caring a stick because of the same attacking dog.)

Gotta run,

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