Help with an ASUS ROG GL503GE trackpad

We did a clean install of Ubuntu Mate 19.10 with the latest stable kernel (5.4.5) and everything is working like a dream - audio, video for both cards (onboard and 1060GTX thanks to latest kernel), but the only issue is with the trackpad.

I have found a "fix" that is either incomplete or I am confused (after creating the rsmod file, there is no way to activate (not a command in the terminal) and running the hid-multitouch command comes back with an error of no command found).

The trackpad's responsiveness is extremely erratic. The cursor pauses, then jumps ahead some distance. Or it just sort of "sticks" while I'm in the middle of doing something, which can lead to "clicking" on something completely unintended. Or it just stops responding at all for anything up to about 5 seconds at a time. Any or all of these can occur several times a minute. The more I'm doing, the worse it gets, even though I am nowhere near straining my memory (16GB) or CPU (i7-8750H), but it happens even with very little open and very little active.

Thanks in advance!

I have this same issue on an ASUS laptop with a Ryzen 3 though mine never completely stops just seemingly becomes very latent, but then fixes itself after 5-10 seconds though mine works fine most of the time, I've been going to look into it more haven't had the time

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Since this was posted over the holidays, so giving a quick bump - hoping someone might have an answer