Help with spanish keyboards (accent or tilde)

Hi everyone, i just installed Ubuntu mate 16.04.1 LTS for 64-bit and I’m having some problems writing in Spanish. I can’t write the tildes correctly because the tilde is not above the vowel. For example, if i try to write “heart” in Spanish I get “coraz´on”. The tilde (´) is not above the “o”. I’ve tried looking in the keyboard preferences and set my layout to Spanish. The keys are correctly mapped, but still I’m not able to get the tildes right.

¿Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance.

I already managed to solve this. I had to change the input method system to XIM on the language support window. If there is a way of marking this as solved or deleting this, please tell me.

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Seems like a problem with the dead keys. Your keyboard layout is not recognizing the acute accent (that’s not a tilde) as a dead key. Probably isn’t recognizing the ~ (tilde) either.

You should go back to the Keyboard Preferences at System->Preferences->Hardware->Keyboard and add a new layout. You need to experiment with the available layouts. You can choose either by Country or Language and then you need to try out the one that accepts dead keys among those listed in the Variants listbox. Usually you want one called simply after the language (e.g. Spanish) or one of the layouts that says include dead tilde. What you definitely should not choose is anything that says eliminate dead keys

EDIT: Glad you solved it. You can accept your own answer as solved, by clicking the icon at the bottom of the post. :slight_smile:

Note that I do not have XIM enabled and have access to my dead keys. So you may want to investigate a bit further if you wish. But I still stroked my answer as being not needed.

Sorry guys, but I have the same problem, I have proved your solutions but they do not work. Have you got another option?