Help with x2go Please

Could you elaborate a bit on this? I’m pretty new. I’m having trouble remoting into my raspberry pi running x2go server on ubuntu mate 16.04 from a windows client, and i’m hoping that’s a setup this thread is applicable to.

  • are you referring to the “.profile” on the x2go server?

  • if so, did you just append these lines to it? the contents of what’s currently in “.profile” on my x2go server just contain a bunch of “if” statements that don’t reference either of these variables. i don’t see a natural place to insert them, but i imagine that they’d need to go inside the correct “if” statement (or outside all of them?).

the most frustrating part is i actually have 2 pi’s running ubuntu mate 16.04 and running x2go server, and one of them is actually accessible via x2go. and i can’t figure out the difference/what is causing one to fail and the other to work.

any more help is appreciated. thanks!

See here:

Thank you for your response. your linked thread was actually the original thread that i replied to. A moderator split it off into a new thread, because most members on the original thread have not been here for a while and were not likely to see it.

my post was in response specifically to this:

hopefully that sheds a little context. Would you be able to fill in the blanks i've asked in my original post?

Actually, nevermind: i tried appending those lines to the end of “~/.profile” on the server and it’s working. We can mark this one as resolved too. Apologies for not trying that first!