Heres mine shortly after

Heres mine shortly after getting some time to play with it before I leave for the week.
I dont get to take my computer with me in the truck because I'm nice enough to leave it so my daughter can play Minecraft while I'm gone. Shes only 10 and I think I can say shes almost old enough to have her own on her birthday this summer.


Looks Nice @UnkleBonehead -

What all do you have running there???

Hi @DoctorKraz That is Conky Manager running the Green Apple Gotham and conky_seamod scripts. I also moved the Plank dock to the left and it’s running the Plank themer.
I have changed back to the Eleven set up in Mate Tweak tool that puts the dock back down on the bottom.
I’m using 15.04. I dont think that the Eleven theme and Plank is included in 14.04. The only annoying thing about Plank is it puts a duplicate chrome icon on it when chrome is open. There is a fix for it I found but it doesnt seem to work, It’s not an ubuntu problem its a plank problem because it does this on other distros as well.

I forgot to add that I’m using the numix icon theme.
You can find the numix stuff at
and the conky manager at
and the plank themer at

All easy to install and make look pretty, lol.