Heres my first all original wallpaper

Created with GImp. Just created a flame and duplicated it a couple of times at different angles. Added some color, drop shaadow and the logo. Then put in a starburst in the logo.


Very nice UB… :+1:

Very Nice! Can you make one with the Ubuntu MATE logo?

Very Nice :smile: I might give this a go on my desktop.

This is the first time I can say that I truly like a wallpaper posted here

I wish I could see more dark wallpapers like this one here

@UnkleBonehead I don’t think this was ever included in Ubuntu MATE right? Are you OK for me to license this under Creative Commons and include it in Ubuntu MATE 16.04?

Looks great, sir! :grinning:

@Wimpy Yes you can! I’ll make more if I can get the time to stop the truck for longer than a day, lol.


Good job! Looks great! :relaxed:


Looks great,more like this please!. :smiley: