Hey! I'm Baaaack!

Abandoned Ubuntu for Manjaro, which is becoming more and more popular these days, and I have called Manjaro the "new Ubuntu."

I'm still using Manjaro MATE; I was using EndeavourOS, which is great, and is also a bare-minimum Arch installation, so not even pamac (the equivalent to Synaptic) was installed, and it was impossible to set up a printer (and other Arch users have had this problem, and posts from 6 months ago), which is a snap on Manjaro, just like Ubuntu MATE these days.

However, apps I had used and loved on Ubuntu disappeared from the repos. Downloading the source code for an app and occasionally entering the "abandon hope, all ye who enter" dependency hell was reducing my enjoyment of Ubuntu.

Aqualung, my must-have music player, is in the AUR. I selected it, and watched in delight as it automatically compiled the program in about 5 minutes.

However, Arch-based MATE systems do not have a complete MATE installed. My very nice Acer laptop has no indicator lights at all. I have to use UM to have indicators for the caps and num lock keys, and wonder what I could do to install them.

However, I am back, and it's good to be back!