Hi everybody...(done in my best Dr. Nick) New to ubuntu mate

Well, new to linux in general, a windows 10 refugee so to speak. Tried zorin, but the install died after two days, became unbootable.

I am dual booting, using easybcd as boot thing.

I’m gonna have a million questions, as I look towards leaving microsoft behind for good(after 22yrs). I know this will be a long and arduous process, but I got time.

Anyhoo, gotta reboot, see if my win10 partition is still intact.


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Welcome to the gang @Rickkins. Enjoy your ride.

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Hey thanks.

My first objectives/hurdles are:

-drivers for my x-fi titanium sound card.

-being able to “see” my galaxy S5.

-porting all my thunderbird settings from windows.(I do have some insights from the guys over at bleeping, I’ll run thru those first and see what happens)

-properly aligning my two screens. My computer is on the right, and my tv is on the left. However, I cannot move the mouse to the left from my computer screen to get to my tv screen, I gotta move it to the right, to access the tv screen on my left… it’s disconcerting.

Thanks for any help…

As far as your Galaxy S5 maybe the following post can help:

Aligning your screens should be possible in the Controle Center -> Monitors

I do not use the titanium sound card or Thunderbird, so I can not help you :slight_smile:


Thanks wiz. Got the screens sorted. Got the x-fi working, t’was as simple as disabling onboard sound in my mb’s bios.

As for the S3, don’t think that’s quite what I’m lookin for. I just wanna be able to browse the files on my phone via a file manager. Thanks

Still learning, but making progress.


The Thunderbird profile backup (on Windows) and restore (on Linux) is a bit clunky, but it works:


gMTP will probably work for S5 file browsing (Google, in its wisdom, changed access to Android internal drives from standard filesystem access to MTP, a notoriously flaky protocol):

sudo apt-get install gmtp

Found my issue with the phone. Samsung uses a proprietary plug for the s5, I swapped it for a standard usb plug and lo and behold, thar she was…


So, a couple dumb type questions…

When you minimize an app, where does it go…??? And how to get it back…??

The authentication password, how to permanently disable it…??

Also, a videoplayer that can automatically play the next video in a folder.

As for where do minimized apps go, it sounds like you don’t have a “Window List” applet installed on your panel and that’s why you’re not seeing the apps minimized on the panel. If that’s the case, you can add a “Window List” applet to the panel by right-clicking on an “open” area of the panel and choosing “Window List” from the list of applets.