[SOLVED] Synch Linux based phones with Ubuntu MATE?

When will it be possible to synch Linux based phones with Ubuntu MATE?

Synch? Do you mean sync, like keep the devices connected with the desktop?

  • Which type of phone are you asking about, there are many “Linux-based” mobile platforms so it needs to be more specific.
  • What features are you looking for?
  • Notifications? If so, this can already be accomplished with PushBullet.

Hi @MichaelTunnell
Thanks for getting back to me. I know my question was more of a generic one.
Yes synchronise / backup my Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop 5.x to my machine rather than boot into Windows to do so via Samsung Kies.
I am not aware of any other application that is capable of running both full backup and system firmware updates / upgrades through Ubuntu desktop family. Thats the function am looking to be able to have.

By now you will have gathered that i am a massive fan of Windows :grinning:


NB. Thanks for mentioning PushBullet, i will give a try.

Sync what? Files? Music? or what exactly?

SyncMe Wireless is an app for Android that allows you to automatically sync files in your device, any files at all, over wifi on a pre-scheduled timeslot or based on events in the phone and so on.

Note - SyncMe Wireless is super powerful but it is not very easy to use, there will be a learning curve.

Titanium Backup (needs root) allows you to make entire backups of your phone and then you can just move them to your computer with USB or SyncMe Wireless.

Samsung Kies does not do backups, it claims to be an app to connect devices but that is all it claims.

Kies does not do that, it claims the following: “Back up important content from your device—including contacts, text messages, and more—on your computer”

So you can get apps that backup all of those but they don’t claim full backup, you would need a rooted device to do that anyway.

Why on Earth would you need to do this?

Android updates itself automatically over-the-air without need to hookup to any computer. Android updates are already great.

You should not be expecting Linux to work like Windows. :slight_smile:

Got it. Thank you . :+1:
I loathe windows. :no_entry_sign: