Hide "three dots" from Globalmenu (appmenu) applet in MATE panel (solved)

Hi guys, is there a way to hide the always visible "three dots" handle of the Globalmenu applet for MATE panel? It's just an eye candy issue, but still it bothers me A LOT.


The three dots change with the GTK Theme but I would like them to disappear for good.
No one with the same OCD for this kind of things? :stuck_out_tongue:

AFAIK it is hardcoded in the panel. (I could be wrong though.)
You could try to change your panel to 100% transparency. On my system it makes them disappear.


Thank you for the hint. I don't know if it's harcoded or not, but the dots disappear in fact when you change panel background. It doesn't need to be translucent: you can pick any color and have them disappear. Many thanks again!