? Hide user list during login?

Hi there!

I am running Ubuntu Mate 22.04.1 LTS.
My question:

How can I hide the user list during the login?

At the moment, the name of (the last logged) user is shown, and her password is asked.

What I want:
I have to enter my user name first, and my password second.

No other user should know any other user name, only her own.

Thank you for assistence!

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Welcome @Dusterbraut to the community!

UM uses lightdm for login. I found a somewhat older method here

I suspect it will still work fine, but my apologies that I don't have time to test this just now. But it is only changes to a few text config files, so you should be able to test and reverse easily if it doesn't work right. Just keep a backup version of any file you alter. Even if you really messed up the config, remember you can always correct from one of the command line terminals. (Ctrl-Alt-F1 to Ctrl-Alt-F6)

Please post again with what you find out, or if you need more help.


Did not work for me. Ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS user. Tried the above instructions and after reboot, all I had was the Guest Login showing up at the login page. No other users shown, and no option to type in a user name. sp O ould not figure a way to login with my regular account. Ended up having to boot using a USB thumbdrive with Ubuntu-mate bootable image, and manually go back an reverse out the changes. Reboot and was able to login by selecting my regular user account.

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Welcome @mjb32803 to the community!

Hi, @mjb32803 ,

the solution works fine with lightdm arctica-greeter in Ubuntu MATE 23.04. Ubuntu MATE 22.04 uses same greeter by default.
greeter-hide-users=true --> this option hides user list.
greeter-show-manual-login=true --> this option adds a field for typing a username, it does not appear automatically.


Thanks much.