Hiding partitions - 2 methods

Hiding a windows partition using /etc/fstab [thanks to @DaveB] using this addition

# Windows
UUID=D8143D2D143D104C /mnt/WinOS    ntfs noauto 0  0

Obtain the UUID for your system by using this command

sudo blkid

The MBR was visible in my Places menu so I struggled with a method to hide the 41 MB partition.

I found adding the diag flag using gparted caused the partition not to be displayed
Changing flag is Not suggested for Windows Boot, Win, or Recovery Partitions

  • To add a flag the partition must be unmounted
  • Select the partition by clicking on the text area - in my example the one with label GRUB
  • Right click [opposite click if you've configured your mouse for left hand ops] and choose manage flags
  • choose diag and the partition won't be displayed

There are possibly better methods, but this is a single user system that's a part of my home network so I stopped looking for more elegant solutions.

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