HiDPI support in 18.04 for MATE?

I’m really interested in being able to dump Unity off of my Galago Pro. It not horrible, but just not my preferred style. Way too many wrong instinctive moves during the workday in the Unity desktop on this machine after living with the MATE I really love on my main computer. So System76 has done a good job with tweaking the HiDPI support under Unity. Will this be robustly supported in all facets of MATE 18.04? It think it is a worthy goal if possible. What is the current scoop on this and does their need to be a financial push? That is about all I’m good for. :wink:

(Show me the money!!! :joy: )

Good news, upstream mate landed hidpi support earlier this month and bionic will have it (the daily build already has it)

Here’s the official announcement


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I'm actually living on the cutting edge by trying MATE on Arch. It's definitely looking good... except for the glitchy indicator (and workspace) applet, but @vkareh is on the scene. :sunglasses:

That said, some applications are technically incapable of scaling by themselves: