Highlight Mouse Cursor

Does anyone know how to have the mouse cursor highlighted ie: have a colored ring around it?


Maybe the following is appropriate -

dconf Editor, org, mate, desktop, peripherals, mouse, checkmark “locate-pointer” and the cursor will be momentarily highlighted when you press and release the Control key.

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Not really, I have tried that. I ment it being highlighted the whole time like they do in some video tutorials.
Maybe theres cursor theme that I could add.

@rybena Take a look at this page from Askubuntu -

Thanks for your reply, none were quite what i was after but one led me in the right direction.

Ill post how I achieved it here just in case anyone else is interested.

I downloaded bDMZ cursor packs from this website https://www.gnome-look.org/p/999801/
Then I copied the extracted files/folders into “/usr/share/icons/” as root.
Next I opened the control center in Mate and chose the “Change Theme” option.
Then chose the “Customize” tab.
Then the “Pointer” tab. The new Icons are now in there to chose from. Several colors to chose from.

This is a really neat function! Too bad I cannot use it, since it seems to be allergic to Firefox menus and bookmark folders. (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate/+bug/1859465)