How can i change the ubuntu mate start icon? (Raspberry pi)

Please help! I want change the start icon but i dont know how! :frowning:


Hi Open_Max

I’m not sure what icon you mean by ‘start icon’. Try r-clicking on the icon you want to change and go to properties. Then l-click on the current icon in properties and choose another. That would work on my intel system, Pi may be different.

By any chance, do you mean this icon in the top-left?

If so, this icon is provided by the theme:

  • /usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/apps/22/start-here.svg

You can override it by placing your own file in ~/.themes/Ambiant-MATE/apps/22/start-here.svg (or other theme folder)

  • The .themes folder is hidden, press CTRL + H to reveal it.
  • You'll need to create this directory structure, and the icon will override on next login / theme change.