How can I connect back home using VPN

Hi there, I need some help to access back home using VPN. I am able to connect back using the Windows 10 “Connect Home VPN Connection” with my Public IP Address. I downloaded the “Shrew Soft VPN Access Manage” and don’t seems to get. Can anyone pls advise links & videos how I can do it. I very new to this. I am able to access my Raspberry Pi 3 using the Remmina that was connected back home. Thanks

Can you please describe your setup some more?

If you already have remote access to your rpi3 why do you need VPN access?

What are the machines you have at home? What are the machines you want to use from a remote location? What OSes are all those machines running?

I got it. It is in the network icon on the task bar. click on it and you are able to see the VPN Connections. Click on the Configure VPN and it bring out the Network Connections. click on “Add” and select “VPN - Point to point Tunnling Protoco;(PPTP)”. Click on “Create” and it bring out box that you can key in your public IP address, User Name & Password for you to log back into your home network when you are away from it.

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Ok. I tick the box and it show me “solution”. Is that correct?

Yup, that’s correct. Thanks. :]