How can I get a new system installed?

Three weeks ago, I installed UbuntuMate 20.04 on a 2016 ASUS ROG laptop to give my dad a chance to have a system that is fast compare to his Mac Mini. That laptop had Win 10 installed, and after changing the settings in Win 10, the machine booted from the UM20.04 ISO DVD. Installation went through, no problem.

In the meantime, my dad told me that he doesn't want this laptop, and I would like to reinstall UbuntuMate 20.04 from scratch to make it to my new laptop.
I disabled Secure Boot, I added a new Boot partition (DVD) in the BIOS, ..., what ever I try, it always loads straight the desktop and there is no attempt to use the DVD.

How can I install another operating system?

It must have to do with the Grub loader I suppose, like Win 8/10, when we have to change the Boot method from inside the setting.

I read a lot of entries here (including Wolfman's general description), but I have still not found a clue how I push the system to load from a DVD?

Has somebody of you a genius idea what I could do?

Many thanks in advance.

(just in case somebody is wondering why I want to reinstall UM if I have it already, yes, I could use that system, but I would have the same problem in 2 or 3 years time).

Booting on an external media device has nothing to do with grub.
Just spam the esc key at boot like in this video, it will display the boot menu and you will be able to boot from your DVD.
Pro tip: a cheap USB 3.0 flash drive will be miles faster than a DVD.


Thanks Utsuro, but I have no problem to access the BOOT. With that ROG, I have to press F2.
I have already disabled Secure Boot and with that system, I have to add the DVD drive as there are only both hard disc mentioned.
This worked fine on another ASUS laptop and a Lenovo Desktop, but I can't get it on that newer laptop done. It simply ignores the DVD as boot partition and Secure Boot. It behaves like my settings weren't saved despite using F10 (Save and Exit).

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But thanks to @Utsuro :+1: the trick with holding ESC key launched a new little window asking what I want to use as boot partition and choosing the DVD, it brought up The Grub installer.
Thank you so much. Once the system is running, I will enter that in my Linux KB. I never had to do more than accessing Boot.

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