How can I make my mute microphone button work?

Dear all,

My Thinkpad X230 has two media key buttons. One for muting my audio and one for muting my microphone.

The muting audio one works out of the box on MATE and shows me a nice visual notification when pressing it.

The mute microphone, however, does not work out of the box although it did on Unity.

Does anyone know how I can make my mute microphone button work?



I think we don’t have support for XF86AudioMicMute key yet. Unity probably has it because unity-settings-daemon was forked from some version of gnome-settings-daemon which already had it at that time.


Thank you, @monsta!

How do we take it from here?

Do we already have a ticket or anything related on Github?

Is this something MATE or Ubuntu MATE needs to target?

It needs to be added to mate-settings-daemon and - if there’s no support yet - to libmatemixer. I’m not familiar with sound-related code, so I can’t tell for sure yet.
I searched for relevant reports on Github and didn’t find anything related. Maybe this mic button isn’t present on many laptops out there?

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Well, certainly Thinkpads have these as far as I know.

Thank you!

I guess I will create an issue request on Github.

For anyone interested to further discuss this request: